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Web Design

When it comes to web design, we do the utmost to give you all the tools that you need in to order to have a professional looking website at a reasonable cost.

We are aware of your budget and we work within your plan. At WTS, we make it affordable to get a website up and running at the click of a button. We have two options for you:

  1. Build it yourself within our state of the art studio (
  2. We can build it for you oursleves.

At, web design is our passion. If you are interested in a first class website design that reflects a professional image for your company,  don't look any further. Our website designs are unique and functional, ranging from basic informational websites to full-scale eCommerce merchant storefronts and custom database applications.

We give you two options, option one is designed for the business owners who want to have complete access to their sites and have a limited budget. Option 2 is designed for the professionals who want to focus solely on growing their businesses and outsource all the functionalities of running and maintaining a website up to us. Check out our for a test drive now!

We provide free initial website design consultations and quotes.

Our complete range of website design, eCommerce and hosting services supports every phase of web design strategy, development, hosting and maintenance for your web site:

  • Superior website design that reflects your business objectives and presents a professional image to your customers, including custom artwork and page layout
  • Web site navigation designed for usability and sales conversion
  • Web site design for search engine optimization (SEO), placement and rankings
  • Implementation of a range of eCommerce merchant solutions, including shopping carts, credit card and shipping gateways, marketing tools and custom applications
  • Ultra-reliable web hosting services.
  • Buy Domains ( for 11.50/year or less
  • Easy-to-use tools to allow you to manage your own site content
  • Ongoing personalized support services to help you maintain your web site

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